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Personal Data

General Information

Personal data is all kinds of information which, to some degree, can be traced back to you. When you use our website, we collect and process a number of items containing personal data/information. For example, this is the case when generally accessing content, if you register for our online account or select “Contact us”, and also when using other website services.

If you provide your explicit consent and enter the information yourself, the following information is also processed: Name, telephone number, e-mail and address. This will usually be done when registering as an account subscriber.


We have taken technical and organisational precautions to prevent your personal information from accidentally or unlawfully being deleted or published; to prevent their deterioration or loss; to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to them; or to prevent them from being lost or in any other way processed that is not in accordance with applicable laws.


The information is used to identify you as a user and to provide you with the content and services you have requested, such as the setting up of an account or requesting product information. We also use the information to optimise our services and content. Storage Period The information is retained for a period that is permitted in accordance with the law. The information is deleted when it is no longer needed. The length of the storage period depends on the nature of the information and the reason it is kept. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a generally applicable period for when information is deleted.

Distributing Information

Data regarding your use of the website, your geographical location, etc. distributed to third parties where this information is known. You can see who these third parties are in our “Cookies Policy”.

We also use a number of third parties for purposes of storing and processing this data. They only process data for us, and may not use it for their own purposes and are fully GDPR Compliant.

Personal data such as name, e-mail address, etc. will only be distributed if you have provided your consent. We only use data processors located in the UK or EU.

Review and Complaints

You are entitled to be informed about the type of personal information we process. You can also object to the use of your personal data at any time.

You can also withdraw your consent for the storage and processing of personal data. If your personal data is incorrect, then you are entitled to either have it corrected or deleted. Applications for this must be sent to: .If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, please contact the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).


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